Restore Financial Group

A full service organization that provides the opportunity of employment and career development in the following areas:

Medical Field Representative – Immediate Hire

Medical Equipment Representative – Immediate Hire

Life and Health Insurance Sales – License Required

Annuity Sales – License Required


Believe in Love and Prosper!

Believe in God! Some people don’t want you to believe the truth that Jesus was the master teacher about the significance of money in the believer’s life.  Check out my November 11th post in my “restore financial” blog for the biblical proof.  Believe God, and what the word of God says about you and how you should relate to money!

You may have searched your lifetime for the answers to how do I stay happy, how do I stay healthy, how do I become  successful, how do I become prosperous,  how do I become rich  Let’s start changing our spiritual and financial circumstances right here and right now!  “Be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind”. You must believe God!  You must trust Love!  It all starts in the mind which means it all starts with a thought.  We are about to learn how to change the way we think in order to change the way we live.

Prepare for the journey with this prayer;  Lord,  I don’t know it all but I do know you love me!  And I decide this day,  I will believe and trust in you!   I accept that you love me and I promise to love you back.  I will prove my love by spending time with you in prayer and in learning your word.  Amen!

My heart is saddened when I see people give up on the principals of mixing dreams, vision and hard work with love, relentless passion and faith in the almighty God.

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Let love be your guide to spiritual and financial wealth!

As we talk about spiritual and financial success and increase, let’s understand that they are both interconnected and interdependent one to the other.     The solid foundation of any large building project must be centered on something that will preferably last throughout eternity.  Here is a statement of truth.  Love is eternal.  Three things will last forever; Faith, Hope and Love!  Love is the most important of them all.


The Bible says let love be our greatest aim.   God says life is all about love. When we learn how to love, we are ready to move mountains both spiritually and financially.   Your relationships are the key to your success.  Love God first and foremost, and love others as much as you love yourself. Jesus said our love for each other—not doctrinal belief is our greatest witness to the world.   Paul writes, whenever we have an opportunity to help others we should do it, but we should pay special attention to who are in the family of believers.    Have you been sensitive to the needs of others today?

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The Road to Spiritual and Financial Prosperity!

I cannot write about spiritual success without expressing my passionate excitement about your financial success.  Many will say, “Here is another one of those prosperity pimps” but I dare you to study the Word of God and somehow miss the conclusion that God’s desire is two-fold; for you to ultimately experience heaven; and while on this earth, you understand that financial prosperity for “YOU” is God’s Will.   Here’s some fantastic proof! Don’t believe me, believe in God.

Promise me that you won’t get mad at the truth!  You should start rejoicing in knowing that this knowledge is about to take you to a financial understanding that you’ve never experienced before.

  • There are at least 2,350 verses in the Bible that relates to money and possessions.
  • Out of every six verses in Mathew, Mark and Luke is about material possessions.
  • Nearly half of Jesus’ parables are about possessions.
  • Jesus spoke more about money and how to use it than He did about heaven and hell combined
  • The Lord talked as much as He did about money because He knew that money would be a struggle for many of us.
  • God loves us so much that He gave us His road map for handling money through His word.

We’re just getting started on a journey of truth that is designed to provide liberation for the total you!  Stay tuned!  Here is the main tool you’ll learn to use along our wonderful voyage to total freedom.



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